10 jQuery Typography Plugins For Dynamically Changing Font Sizes

In this post, we have collected 10 jQuery typography plugins for dynamically changing font sizes according to screen / browser width. They will give you more control to precisely position and re-size each letter of your web-typography


1 – jQuery.fontFlex


Demo Download

Lightweight jQuery extension for dynamically changing font sizes according to screen / browser width. Intended to be used with responsive or adaptive CSS layouts.


2 – FitText


Demo Download

FitText makes font-sizes flexible. Use this plugin on your fluid or responsive layout to achieve scalable headlines that fill the width of a parent element.


3 – FlowType.JS


Demo Download

Ideally, the most legible typography contains between 45 and 75 characters per line. This is difficult to accomplish for all screen widths with only CSS media-queries. FlowType.JS eases this difficulty by changing the font-size and line-height based on a specific element’s width. This allows for a perfect character count per line at any screen width.


4 – Responsive Measure


Demo Download

Responsive Measure is a simple script that allows you to pass in a selector (ideally the container where your primary content will go) which generates the ideal font size needed to produce the ideal measure for your text.


5 – slabText


Demo Download

The script splits headlines into rows before resizing each row to fill the available horizontal space. The ideal number of characters to set on each row is calculated by dividing the available width by the pixel font-size – the script then uses this ideal character count to split the headline into word combinations that are displayed as separate rows of text


6 – jQuery TextFill


Demo Download

This jQuery plugin resizes text to make it fit into a container. The font size gets as big as possible.


7 – jQuery.responsiveText


Demo Download

A simple jQuery plugin to make a specific selector’s or the whole page’s text responsive.


8 – Squishy


Demo Download

Squishy is a jQuery plugin that automatically resizes text to exactly fit the container with no extra work on your part.


9 – Textsive


Demo & Source

Plugin for creating responsive container filling text.


10 – TextTailor.JS


Demo Download

Tailor-made text to fit your needs! Responsive text to fill the height of the parent element or ellipse it when it doesn’t fit.

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