15 Beautiful PrestaShop E-Commerce Websites

Hello, everybody! Today we will browse 15 brand-new designs for your PrestaShop websites from TemplateMonster.com.

PrestaShop is an open source platform for eCommerce utilized free of charge by over 100,000 online stores all over the world. This software can boast a vast selection of features that will make your online enterprise profitable.

Why choosing a premium PrestaShop theme?

First of all their designs are beautiful. Here’s what you can expect from your PrestaShop design.

  • Stick-to-Top Menu
  • Parallax Scrolling
  • Background Video
  • Color Schemes
  • Custom Block
  • Blog
  • Megafooter
  • Tabs

Of course these are not all benefits of the PrestaShop themes. They are equipped with social widgets and Google maps.

In terms of product presentation PrestaShop themes offer ‘Quick View’ function, Product Thumbs Carousel, Product Image Pop-up, Badges, YouTube Video, Cloud Zoom, and quite a number of upselling cross selling goodies.

Key features of PrestaShop themes from TemplateMonster are as follows:

  • They are 100% responsive.
  • PrestaShop templates can be switched between 5 languages: English, German, French, Italian, and Russian.
  • The themes are super simple to install.
  • Documentation provided with the template is extremely explicit.
  • With the help of a fully customizable slider, you can add images, indicate slide or fade effect, choose between 30 easing methods, and even edit the speed of movement and transition. The slider is multilingual now.
  • ‘Add to Cart’ process is animated. Products are now displayed in the shopping cart with images, to improve visibility and increase your revenue from sales.
  • The web pages are provided with Lazy Load effect. Using Lazy Load on long web pages will make the page load faster.
  • Font Awesome icons, used in the themes, are vectors, which means they are gorgeous on high-resolution displays.
  • The themes are equipped with Ajax Search. That is: you can get search results while you type. Such small things help the users find exactly what they need quicker, which makes the site more usable.
  • Cookie Policy feature will help you stay a law-abiding merchant warning the user that your website may collect their personal data or ask user’s permission to do so.

I hope the above information is enough to stir your desire to browse 15 fresh designs for PrestaShop websites.

Here is a couple of free useful resources that will help you make the experience with your PrestaShop theme enjoyable.

1 – Stylish Jewelry PrestaShop Theme

This 100% responsive design was developed for fashionable jewelry stores. The theme is made in soft feminine colors that are pleasant and easy for the eyes. Big catching banners are supplied with hover effects. They work like great hooks for the buyers and facilitate main navigation. Products are presented in a carousel gallery, which can be navigated with the help of tabs. Each item has the ‘Quick view’ function.

 Jewelry PrestaShop Theme



2 – Print Design PrestaShop Theme

If you need a professional design for your print store, this one is worth to consider. A great number of its awesome features will help you make your website a popular place for those who are searching for such kind of services. Good news is that you save $250 with TM Modules included into the template price. For instance, TM Mega Layout module allows you modify the layout of the homepage quickly and effortlessly. Drag & Drop option for rows and sections, Ajax functionality combined with easy and intuitive interface open a wide range of opportunities for altering the frontend features of your online store.

 PrintAlpha - Design & Decor PrestaShop Theme



3 – Men’s Clothing PrestaShop Theme

With this template all you need to do is just upload your content, change the default colors for your corporate ones via the comfy color switcher and start to process the orders. The theme is responsive, comes to you with TM Mega Layout module that makes the modification of your home page quick and effortless. It also provides MegaMenu, Multilingual & Multi-currency support, Ajax search, product badges, and many other features necessary for running an online store that brings money.

 MannerAuthor - Men Clothes PrestaShop Theme



4 – Wholesale Store PrestaShop Theme

Vesmall is an incredibly powerful solution for a wholesale store. It is equipped with so many features that it’s impossible to recap them all here. So, we will name just a few. The theme offers TM Mosaic Products module. It lets you add videos, banners, sliders, and other layout elements to the home page of your store effortlessly. Get search results while you type with TM Ajax Search. Provide online shoppers with multiple product display options with Sorting Options feature. Thus, one can opt for a grid or list-based view, sort items by best-selling, display products in alphabetical order, etc.

 Vesmall - Wholesale store PrestaShop Theme



5 – Kids’ Toys PrestaShop Theme

This toys shop with its cute neon colors and kids’ stuff looks really playful and joyous. Slides, hover and animation effects guarantee the best user experience on site ever. Product area can be navigated with the help of tabs, which is rather convenient. Product badges grab visitors attention to special offers. ‘Quick view’ function lets to have a closer look at the product before the purchase. The theme is multilingual and multi-currency, which give you the possibility to sell your products round the globe. Newsletter subscription pop-up won’t stay unnoticed by store visitors.

 Baby Toys PrestaShop Theme



6 – Sneakers Store PrestaShop Theme

The theme was created for sportswear stores. It has a sticky menu, nice slider, showing featured store products. Famous brands logos are placed right below the slider, which adds credibility to the online shop. Big attractive banners boost main navigation. Call-to-action buttons are provided with drop shadow effect. Popular products come with labels, ‘Quick view’ function, hover effect, star rating and other great functionality. With this theme and its TM Mega Layout Builder module + 3 pre-made layouts you can easily create flexible block layouts and switch between them in a flash.

 Hamintec - Sneakers Store PrestaShop Theme



7 – Accessories Responsive PrestaShop Theme

This responsive PrestaShop theme is the best choice for online trendy accessories and fashion apparel stores. You can showcase the unique offers of your store in slider. The products are featured in the carousel powered up by tabs navigation. Each store item has star rating, ‘Quick view’ function, badges, and additional icon-based call-to-action buttons. You can display the latest articles from your blog at the relevant section. Ghost buttons seamlessly blend with the store layout. ‘Back to top button’ will take you to the top of the page in an instant without additional scrolling.

 Alleando - Decor & Accessories Responsive PrestaShop Theme



8 – Gym Gear PrestaShop Theme

The theme was built for gym equipment and sport clothing stores. Slider and banners feature trained, athletic male and female bodies that draw visitors’ attention. Theme’s navigation is really user-friendly. The products are categorized, which helps the visitors find the products they need quicker. Popular products are arranged in three columns. Latest news are also featured in a slider. You can display Instagram and Twitter feeds with the help of neat widgets. Extensive documentation and PSD files are also included into the template’s package. The theme is cross browser compatible and has valid semantic coding.

 GymHulk - Gym Equipment PrestaShop Theme



9 – Men’s Clothes & Accessories PrestaShop Theme

This theme for men’s clothing stores includes 5 color schemes from the start. This gives you an opportunity to change the palette of your site interface with only one click. Choose the best matching palette and keep your site in line with your corporate identity. The theme is fully responsive and retina ready. This means that your store will quickly adapt to any gadget with any screen size. Text and images are flexible as well, so they will be rendered correctly. The retina ready template will perform and look awesome even on displays with high pixel density.

 Lefishor - Men's Clothes & Accessories PrestaShop Theme



10 – Music Store Prestashop Template

Here is a bright template for music store. Yellow elements in its layout guide visitor’s eyes through the web page. Thin frames and sketchy icons make website layout light and contemporary. Products are presented with the help of circular images, which is rather unusual. What else do you get with your theme? TM Mega Layout module, helping you modify the layout of the home page quicker and easier, MegaMenu, Multilingual and Multi-currency support, Ajax search, product badges, documentation, PSD files, cross browser compatibility, and valid semantic coding.

 music Prestashop template



11 – Software Shop PrestaShop Theme

Software store theme is designed in cheerful metro style, which is highly relevant for the topic. Nice header slider is surrounded by coloured banners. The items at the product section are provided with hover effect. Hollow call-to-action buttons appear on mouse over. Tanks to tabbed navigation you can place as many products as you wish on the home page. Green round stickers draw visitors’ attention to the essential information. Star rating softly pushes hesitant buyers to make a decision. The images in ‘Payment methods’ and ‘Latest news’ sections are supplied with zooming effect.

 Software PrestaShop Theme



12 – Prints Design Responsive PrestaShop Theme

This print shop design with colourful triangles in its layout is ideal for such kind of businesses. Images in its header slider are accompanied with explanatory text. Big banners interact with the users. It sounds incredible, but buying this template you save $362 as the following TM modules are shipped together with it: TM Mega Layout, TM Mega Menu, TM Media Parallax 2.0, TM Product Videos, TM Newsletter, TM Social Feed, TM Category Products, TM Products Slider.

 Printerox Design Responsive PrestaShop Theme



13 – Electronic Devices Store PrestaShop Template

This theme for electronics stores has business-like layout with thought-out, categorized navigation. Use MegaMenu extension for creating beautiful, customized menus for your site. With minor tuning required, tons of options to choose from, and the ability to show categories, subcategories and posts, MegaMenu is a must have feature that can easily boost your SEO and user engagement. Get search results while you type with TM Ajax Search. Results narrow as you continue typing but you always have the possibility to remove characters and see broader results again.

 Electronic Devices PrestaShop Template



14 – Cosmetics Store PrestaShop Theme

This theme for cosmetics and skin care products stores will emphasize the natural origin of the goods you offer. It is designed in clean style with the usage of eye-candy pastel hues. Simple Theme Color Switcher customization tool allows to change color scheme of the template in a few clicks. Parallax effect adds depth and perspective to the template’s layout. MegaMenu makes customers’ search quick and easy. The theme is equipped with Sample Data Installer, Login Drop Down & Social Login as well as many other features.

 Beauty Supply Store PrestaShop Theme



15 – Trendy Apparel PrestaShop Theme

This simple template is a good option for casual clothing stores. It will look up-to-date for years to come. Multiple helpful template’s features will help you get good conversion rates from your eCommerce project. Product gallery can be displayed in a grid or list mode. ‘Product Quick View’ function will let the buyers have a closer look at the product they are going to purchase. You can showcase the latest fashionable clothes models in the header slider, no doubt, this will grab customers’ attention.

 Apparel PrestaShop Theme


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