9 Free Mind Blowing Ebooks to Take Your Business to the Next Level

“Those who read books will always rule over those who watch TV”

Reading is still matters. Despite there are easier ways of getting information into your brain, like watching TV, movies or news, listening to podcast, taking some courses etc., books will always stay one of the most trustful and affordable resources. With the advent of electronic versions of physical ebooks the process of getting info becomes even faster and cheaper.

In this light, ebooks are perfect for entrepreneurs and business owners They can get info on the latest trends in business and marketing anytime they need without spending hours for marketing events or expensive courses.

Here we are to offer you an outstanding collection of free ebooks that will provide you with the best techniques and tips on SEO, marketing and online business.

Making Money with TemplateMonster

As you can learn from the title, this ebook will provide you with the coolest techniques for making money online. TemplateMonster.com, one of the largest template providers on the Web, offers its insider ideas and tips that will help any website owner to make profits with ease. The ebook features interviews with company’s customers and partners who already have their own profitable businesses and can share their real-life cases of money-making.

The “Making Money with TemplateMonster” ebook features a cool part for website developers that contains practical tips on how to establish a profitable web development business with minimum efforts. And with its section of free educational resources, this ebook becomes a great base for establishing profitable and successful business on the Internet.

Free ebook


Starting a Website in 2016 What Options Do You Have

If you have a business and wish to take it online, you should read this awesome ebook! It features the best and the most popular options for non-techie users who wish to start a website for a low price. Most people already know that in modern digital world you don’t have to definitely learn coding or have developer’s or web designer’s skills to build an outstanding website. The ebook contains tried-and-true solutions that were the most popular among Internet users in 2016.

The ebook also has a section for those business owners who don’t want to spend their time customizing themes to their branding identity and filling them with various content. In this section users can get to know what are the main aspects of working with web developers and website studios. With the most up-to-date info on how to choose a web studio and what point to consider before signing a contract with developer, any business will save time and money while building the website.

 Free ebook


How to Attract the First 1000 Visitors to My New Website

So, you have your shiny new website. Created with all the best and freshest web design trends in mind, with great UX and visual tricks for attraction. What’s next? You have to take your website in front of the eyes of the right audience. Your target audience. You have to attract visitors and grow the website traffic to help your business grow too. Thus, you definitely need to read this informative ebook.

In this study you will find cool tips and traffic generation techniques from the successful business owners who already have a solid base of website subscribers and loyal users. It will become your go-to guide for driving traffic to your website and get evangelists of you project. You’ll get practical tips on how to create a detailed portrait of your target audience and what are the best design tricks to attract it to your website.

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10 Ways to Earn Money and Become Rich on the Internet

A cool ebook that features proven strategies and the most surefire ways for earning money on the Internet. It will provide you with the best ways your e-commerce business can benefit from, the best resources for getting traffic, generate leads and boost conversions.

Those users who don’t have an online business but already run a website, can learn here modern marketing practices that can help them make money online on various platforms. Today Internet and websites become a great source of additional income. You can run a blog or YouTube channel, sell your digital works (like photos or images) on the photo stocks, filing online surveys, try online coaching or drive into the affiliate marketing. Just read the book and get the latest info about online money making.

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How I Made Over $700 in 2 Months with TemplateMonster’s Affiliate Program

This piece of writing is not average ebook with a set of tips. Here you will find a real-world case of a person who managed to earn more than $700 after a few month of participating in the affiliate program. It combines proven strategies of affiliate marketing with a real-life experience of a person who implemented various tools to get traffic and attract users to the content.

The ebook contains all the means that can (and should) be used in promotion that help focusing user’s attention on the content, not the promos. It’s the best way of getting people interested in your website and not to make them turn away with direct promos. The book creator shares his findings in terms of social marketing, discount programs and marketing techniques that affiliate newbies can use.

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Secret Money-Making Techniques For TemplateMonster Affiliates

Another ebook from TemplateMonster.com that will help many affiliate users to perform cool affiliate marketing activities. It will be a perfect source of the latest info about marketing strategies for any website owner who participates in affiliate programs of other companies. It contains niche-specific advice and techniques of introducing templates to the audience as well as general recommendations and tips about building affiliate marketing strategies.

From this ebook the readers can also learn about the benefits that provides TemplateMonster.com affiliate program, the ways of entering this program and earning money with it. The readers will also learn how to become a social media influencer and the specifics of attracting social networks audience.

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SEO foundations for small business owners

This ebook is a real gift for small business owners. No online business today can survive without good SEO. It is a question of a website existence and a part of its marketing strategy. From this ebook website owners of various business niches and personal projects can learn the basics of SEO, the coolest tips and tricks of establishing a SEO strategy perfectly tailored for website specifics.

A large part of this ebook contains practical advice of setting on-page SEO. It also offers a list of tools that can (and definitely should) be used in everyday routine of traffic-getting activities. There is also a collection of resources and studies of advanced optimisation techniques and practices for those who wants to learn more.

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How Web Studios Can Earn $2,000 a Day with TemplateMonster

A great resource for web design studios and personal web design projects owners. This ebook offers real-life advice about establishing the profitable business online with the help of one of the largest templates provider on the web. It contains great recommendations and tips how to save time on managing clients and their orders using ready-made templates. From the book web design studio owners will learn about the means of revenue growth and the ways of collaboration that allow them to increase their base of clients without many efforts on marketing.

The ebook offers tons of various strategies that can drive leads to your business website and turn them into loyal customers. It also explains the use of pre-made solutions and their benefits for web studios.

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Building the TemplateMonster Affiliate Store [The Complete Guide]

This latter ebook will be a great source of information and useful recommendations for those website owners who are into online business and just start building their affiliate communities to earn money. The book provides step-by-step guide about building a successful affiliate store to promote website themes and get high revenue. It leads business owners through the entire process of creating a website for an affiliate store: from how to choose and tweak a theme for it, how to select a proper domain name and instal the website on hosting. It also guides users through the process of registration to an affiliate program, the creation of an account and the first steps in this kind of online business.

The second part of this ebook tells the secrets of link building, email marketing techniques, Facebook/Twitter ads as well as BuySellAds setup process for drawing leads to the affiliate store and making it a profitable business.

 Free ebook

Choose the ebooks you like and get the freshest tips they offer. They will definitely help you in many spheres of your online activities – from starting your online store or setting up the source of additional income, to SEO or marketing recommendations that will help you in your work or business. The importance of reading and new info cannot be underestimated, so don’t waste your time on surfing the Internet for scattered pieces of data. Grab the books and get all the info collected for you!

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