Where to Find New Clients? Top 5 Resources for Web Designers

What makes a good business, besides its services and products? Clients! The contemporary world has become so competitive. Customers have gone so picky that it gets more difficult to win their sympathy and keep them coming back. So, what’s the secret of finding and retaining clients? Does it deal with magic? Today, we are going to uplift the veil of secrecy and introduce you to the 5 proven places that will bring you crowds of clients. So, let’s get straight to the first one.

Web Design Studios Catalogue

This is an online chart of all freelancers and web design studios who have passed TemplateMonster’s certification and proved their experience of working with ready-made website templates. The Catalogue page is in free access to everyone who has ever purchased themes from the company or is just planning to order something. This is a place where a user can find a qualified team of professionals that will get a web project live in the shortest period of time, as well as a proven resource to receive crowds of new clients.
So, how can one get on the chart? Let’s put first things first. TemplateMonster is well-known as a provider of quality website templates and extensions. The company has been on the market for more than 14 years already, so they are skilled enough to do more than just sell. Now, they have decided to share their knowledge and experience with everyone who deserves it.

TemplateMonster Certification Center is a place where web design beginners can learn the basics about web design and development, whereas more advanced users can pass a test to be listed on the Web Design Studios Catalogue. If you have reached this post, then you will be more interested in learning about the second offer. The test is intended for all freelancers and web design studios that know how to work with website templates. It consists of 20 questions only. Once you pass it successfully, you will be provided with a Certificate signed by TemplateMonster and the possibility to be added to the Web Design Studios Catalogue.
The Catalogue is a chart of all TemplateMonster partners. This is a place to which every person who buys a theme can refer and feel confident that he will be provided with a quality assistance. The Catalogue features advanced filters. Due to this, people can search for a freelancer/studio based on a specific location or a list of CMS that a person/team work with. The agencies are ranked based on the number of projects they have launched and the general number of CMSs they can handle.

Each freelancer and web design studio is given a personal profile page. That’s exactly where one can share additional details about the working experience, a list of recent projects, contact details, etc. TemplateMonster also leaves a review about each partner. There is a possibility for clients to leave feedback as well. An integrated form makes it possible to send a web development request straight away.

Your Own Site

The development of your own website is not something that happens quickly. It takes quite a lot of time to design it, code, test, upload with content, etc. However, a website will pay you in a long run. The best way to attract new clients is to enhance your site with content that will bring certain value to the audience. This can be done by means of blogging, for example. It’s up to you to decide what specific kind of information you’d like to share on your site’s pages. This may be a combination of fun content with all-that-educational posts. How-to articles, tips and tricks, as well as step-by-step tutorials that are also in great demand.
SEO optimization of every piece of content you share shouldn’t be neglected as well. By means of the properly selected keywords and keyword phrases, you can be certain that your site will be accessed by your target audience. There are lots of online tools to choose keywords, with Google Keyword Planner being one of the most reliable ones.


Let’s imagine the following situation. You need to find an answer to a question that came to your mind suddenly, but there is no one around whom you can ask for an answer. What will you do? More likely than not you will look for an answer online. As you type in a search request, a search engine will introduce you to both written and video content. Which of these two options will you choose? We bet that’s a video. And its’ clear why.
Visual content is perceived far better than written text. Instead of sitting and reading a long article a user will prefer watching a short video explanation. That’s why, our advice is to record short video reviews of your products/services, share “how-to” clips , step-by-step instructions on how to use your offerings, etc.

Social Media

Almost every contemporary user is registered in social media. By creating a business profile on the popular social media platforms you grow your chances to build long-lasting relationships with your community. Depending on what goals you pursue, you can select a social media platform that will meet your requirements the most. Thus, LinkedIn is more oriented on reaching new partners and expanding clients reach. Instagram is more about sharing funny memes, photos and videos. If you want to combine fun and promotional content, then Facebook and Twitter will be your best choice. Google+ is great for joining thematic groups and reaching out your co-thinkers over there.
You shouldn’t launch a business profile on all the aforementioned platforms. Choose one of them. Two is the maximum. Do not use social media with the purpose of the heavy promotion of your offers. Build friendly relationships instead. Thus, you will establish yourself as an authority whom people can refer to and whose services they can rely on.

Business Networking

Users prefer to do business with those they know. When it comes to business networking, it means that experts working in the related industries share their experience and knowledge, support and help each other, spotting new opportunities once in a while. Business networking is both about establishing connections with local brands and international ones. Forging business face-to-face offline is more effective then it is online. Still, if you have found a reliable partner overseas, do not quit passing referrals to one another. Although online business networking is considered to be more formal, it is no less effective.
Offline business networking suggests that you meet with other entrepreneurs locally. As a rule, such meetups are informal. Moreover, you can reach you local Chamber of Commerce to attend seminars and meet with other business people.

Wrapping up

Whatever road you choose, do not be afraid to try something new. You can also run an experiment to see which of these solutions are the most effective for your business. Generally speaking, all of the aforementioned ideas are indispensable for freelancers and web design agencies looking for the ways to expand their reach and multiply client base. So, go ahead, try something new, and do not forget to get back to this post when you see the first results.

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