15 Beautiful Parallax Scrolling WordPress Websites

Modern Web is not a static environment. To keep in pace with times you have to keep moving. A few years ago most web designer used FLASH to make a website visually attractive and up to date. Some time ago they added 3D effects and animations to add movement to a website. Today these heavy effects are mostly avoided for a website to load fast and look good on mobile screens.

Parallax effect bears most of the advantages of 3D animations. But it’s a faster and easier way of adding some depth to a website without overloading it. Created with simple CSS and JQuery techniques, parallax adds zest to your website and keeps users exploring it more.

You can get parallax effect to your website easily. You don’t need to order a design from a web studio. Modern ready-made templates have all the features a website needs. And you can choose from a huge number of themes that have not only parallax effect but many other cool options.

In this light, we can recommend you to take a look at wordpress themes with parallax scrolling effect. WordPress is one of the most popular and user-friendly platforms that offers a great functionality for any kind of website.

Why Choosing WordPress Theme for Your Website

With WordPress you can forget about paying thousand dollars to web design studios. Here you can get a cool template and adapt it right to your needs in hours. More benefits of ready-made WP themes are listed below.

It’s responsive. WordPress themes are adapted to all major breakpoints. And you don’t have to do anything to adjust it for user’s devices. You get a website that looks perfect on smartphone tablet and desktop right off the shelf.

It’s cheap and high-quality. WordPress already has all the functionality you may require from a custom-made design. It’s the stable platform that has clean code and multiple plugins for free. You just have to choose a cool theme for your website that costs you less than $100 in average.

It saves time. Creating a website from scratch takes lot of time. You have to wait for months until your custom design is ready for installation. When you buy a WP theme – it is ready right after you install it to hosting. Just add your content or make basic changes to make it look absolutely unique.

It is customizable. Despite you’re buying a template with basic images and layout, you can still tweak it to make it look one-of-a-kind. WordPress has a comprehensive admin panel that leaves no place to guesswork. And you can always use help from a support team.

High-quality support is another reason to use a WP theme for your website. You get help from WordPress team and from a vendor as well. Like in case of all templates below. They are presented by TemplateMonster.com that offers the best support ready to help you 24/7.

Here is a collection of the coolest parallax scrolling themes for WordPress. Choose yours.


Martial Arts Club Theme in Warm Tones

 MMA WordPress Theme


Clean WordPress Theme for Science Website

 Science Lab Responsive WordPress Theme



Tender Theme for Yoga Classes Website

 Yoga WordPress Theme



Parallax Theme for Agriculture Farm

 Agriculture WP Theme



Law Firm Template with Hero Header

 law firm WP theme


Business Consultant Website with Sign Up Bar

 Financial Advisor WordPress Theme



Grey-Toned Restaurant WordPress Theme

 Barbecue Restaurant WordPress Theme



Colorful WP Template for Brewery Website

 GutenBerg - Beer Pub and Brewery WordPress Theme


Local Winery Theme in Minimalist Style

 Duval - Wine & Winery WordPress Theme



Image-Based WordPress Theme for Winery

 Wine WordPress Theme



Maintenance Services Template with Grid Layout

 Mechanna - Locksmith WordPress Theme



Parallax Scrolling Theme for Business Website

 Business Firm WordPress Theme



Light-Toned Template for IT Solutions Website

 Information Technology WordPress Template



Business Firm Template with Pink Elements

 Business Responsive WordPress Theme



Powerful Theme for Auto Towing Services Website

 Tow Truck Service WordPress Theme


Liked these themes? Just choose the one that fits you the best. And start building your business online. Here is a cool ebook that will help you to promote your freshly-built website and get over 1000 visitors to it. Download it from a link below.


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