30+ Mobile App Concepts With Gif-Animated Previews

Creative app concepts through JPEG or PNG don’t show any dynamism, that’s why artists on Behance like to publish their user experience ideas in the form of GIF animations, this is one of the lovely presentation skills of app developer / designer. It will also fairly give us an idea about the functionality.

In this post, we have collected 30+ beautiful mobile app concepts with gif-animated previews that not only make things pretty but give a nice flowing experience to the end user. If you have any other unique or interesting UI/UX animations feel free to share with us in the comments section.


1 – Mobile Interaction Design



2 – Mobile Animations Interactions



3 – LazyPay-app



4 – Material design button animation



5 – Dating App Presentation Walkthrough GIF-VIDEO

Dating App


6 – GIF for the Weather App

GIF for the Weather App


7 – Spootnik AppSpootnik App

8 – To Do List Manager

To Do List Manager


9 – MUSIC App Animation

MUSIC App Animation


10 – Facebook Widget Concept

Facebook Widget Concept


11 – Weather ConTroll

Weather ConTroll


12 – Aslant Launcher Concept

Aslant Launcher Concept


13 – DO APP Concept Design

DO APP Concept Design


14 – Alcomath App Concept

Alcomath App Concept


15 – Weather App

Weather App




16 – Speedometer



17 – Moovrs UK Property Search App

Moovrs - UK Property Search App


18 – Weather-app



19 – Taasky for Apple Watch

Taasky for Apple Watch


20 – Shot Bucket

Shot Bucket


21 – Animation Set 2015-v10

Animation Set 2015-v10


22 – WebMobile App for Strada Cafe

WebMobile App for Strada Cafe


23 – Trailers App UIUX Concept (GIF-VIDEO)

Trailers App UIUX Concept (GIF-VIDEO)


24 – Interaction Design SET-1

Interaction Design SET-1


25 – Interaction Design SET-2

Interaction Design SET-2


26 – Apply






28 – Animation Set

Animation Set


29 – Tap to Tell

Tap to Tell


30 – Feely Chat App

Feely Chat App


31 – Notifications Widget Concept

Notifications Widget Concept


32 – Aslant Launcher Concept

Aslant Launcher Concept

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